Unfinished Business Intensive Seminar

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CCC offers a 10 week class to help you address the Unfinished Business in your life. This class, along with other electives, are offered on a regular basis to help you move forward in the spiritual transformation of your Christian life.

Our next class will begin following the seminar (start date to be determined) and will continue for 10 weeks. A prerequisite for this course is that you attend one of Dr. Steve Smith's seminars or read his book, The Key to Deep Change. There will be a women's class led by Beth Rudolph, and a men's class led by Steve Rudolph. If you would like to attend this class, please register at register.44life.com.

What exactly is unfinished business? It is simply whatever emotional, mental, and spiritual baggage you continue to carry. It is what traps you into living out your life in unhealthy ways. Unfinished business is the monster that lives under your bed, bodies hidden in your cellar, skeletons in your closet, secrets not told.


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  • January 20
    9:00 am - 1:00 pm